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Visits from holistic care team with your loved one at the center

By traveling to the home of everyone we care for, we offer symptom relief, pain management, and holistic focused comfort care for patients with a terminal diagnosis. As hospice experts, your Interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals will visit in a frequency that is based on your individual plan of care. As end of life grows closer, visits become more frequent. Here is an overview of how that looks:

  • Nurse Case manager to oversee clinical needs. Our nurse case manager works in collaboration with you, your caregivers, and your attending physician to answer questions, manage your medications, and overall, the care you are receiving.
  • Assessment and visits by the hospice Medical Director. Our hospice MD works with your attending physician and the Inter Disciplinary Group (IDG) team to develop a care plan tailored to meet your needs.
  • Bathing and personal cares by a certified nursing assistant. Our CNA assists with activities of daily living which includes dressing, bathing, grooming, simple nail care, and light housekeeping.
  • Regular visits and support from the Hospice Chaplain and Social Worker. Our Chaplains are familiar with many faith traditions and offer spiritual support to you and your family. They may also coordinate spiritual care with members of your own church or clergy. Our social workers can help provide emotional support surrounding grief for you and your family and will help connect you with community resources.
  • Hospice trained and certified volunteer support. Trained volunteers can provide companionship, running errands, reading, and other helpful tasks for you or your loved ones.
  • Family bereavement services.
  • Medication management.
  • Medical equipment and supplies

Experienced Care And Coordination

Hospice team members receive training to care for all types of physical and emotional symptoms that cause pain or distress. As hospice experts, each team member offers a unique set of skills that are important parts of hospice care to be sure patients have the most peaceful end of life transition possible. Each patient’s plan of care is reviewed frequently to ensure any changes or new goals are added and incorporated.

Many hospices including Engrace use tools to let them see how they are doing in relation to quality and hospice standards. Most also use family satisfaction surveys to gain feedback. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has developed recommended standards as one way of ensuring quality.


The Hospice Choice


Hospice offers care that seeks to comfort, rather than cure. It is intended for people with a terminal diagnosis resulting in limited life expectancy certified by a physician. A person has a choice to choose hospice care and support, and always has a choice of which hospice will provide that care.
Hospice offers comprehensive, compassionate care that is coordinated by your attending physician, our medical director, and the interdisciplinary group providing your holistic care to meet your physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional needs.
Patients may receive hospice care in their home, a memory care unit, skilled facility, or independent living facility.
Being ready for hospice is a personal choice. We like to explain it this way; comfort, care, and support are all things you are entitled to at end of life. We are here when you’re ready to offer this support, and electing hospice allows our team to meet you where you are. We can help you establish goals and dreams as you define them. By valuing your life and how you want to live it to the very end, we enhance quality at end of life.

Additional Services

  • As Engrace Hospice grows, we learn new and innovative ways to serve our patients and community. Here’s some “Engrace Extras” we currently offer:
  • Music Therapy: In hospice, music therapists use methods such as songs, guided imagery, lyric analysis, singing, and instruments to relax and treat many patient needs.

    Massage Therapy: Massage therapy provided to hospice patients is used for relaxation. Chemically, this impacts thoughts and emotion, creating a sense of peace and a greater ability to cope with end-of-life uncertainty.

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is used in hospice as an antient art that uses fragrances to reduce stress and provide comfort. Sometimes it can even improve sleep.

  • Family hands photos: Our team can take a photo of you and your family members hands either separately or holding hands together which can be used as a keepsake for your family or loved ones.

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