About Us

At Engrace Hospice our purpose is to give the highest level of physical, emotional, and spiritual care to our patients and their loved ones. We accomplish this with the most caring and gifted team members who provide holistic care and expertise while giving otherworldly service to our patients and those we serve. We foster an environment in which all are valued, respected, and given equal opportunity. Our team’s commitment to quality serves as a steady wellspring of motivation. We are always guided by our heart for service to our community.
The emphasis of our program is effective symptom management with a goal of making each patient as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible while enabling them to remain at home with minimal disruption of daily life for as long as possible.
We know that end of life is hard. We aim to make sure that no one faces it alone in the absence of family, friends, or resources.

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The Engrace Difference

Why Choose Us?

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The Engrace Difference

The first question people typically ask about Engrace is “What makes you different?” We answer this question first by sharing that our team is committed to quality and that we are guided by our heart for service to our community. In the way that we engage with those we meet and serve, we provide the absolute best hospice care possible. Our team demonstrates care by taking the time needed to truly connect with patients, their families, and our community. We listen, learn, and ask questions to understand the unique needs of each person we meet. We are honored to be included in this most sacred time and we show this through our care. Each Engrace team member has been carefully selected to wear our badge. They are equipped and empowered with skills to carefully care for those most vulnerable patients and families during a season where both emotions and needs are heightened.

Engrace offers 4 different levels of hospice care. Most frequently, Routine Home Care is utilized.

Routine Home Care

“I want to be comfortable and cared for at home” This allows our team members to visit you in the comfort of your home as often as is necessary to ensure your comfort at end of life.

Respite Care

“I am overwhelmed at home” This is when a social worker or other hospice team member helps arrange caregivers times of rest by finding housing for a patient for up to 5 days per month.

General inpatient care

“My pain is difficult to manage at home” This allows patients in crisis to receive short term round the clock care at a local hospital until pain symptoms are managed and the patient can return home.

Continuous Care

“I am in crisis, but I don’t want to go to the hospital” This allows a patient in crisis to remain home while receiving inpatient level of care for brief periods of time.